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The world’s premiere resource for leading-edge mainframe technology. Built on the premise of collaborative innovation, Planet Mainframe was formed to provide the mainframe community with access to a broad and unmatched source of specialized knowledge—far beyond that available through a typical channel or single-vendor scenario.

Within the Planet Mainframe collaborative environment, members work to provide the mainframe community with access to articles, workshops, online events and the Planet Mainframe blog to share best practices and innovative approaches to the continually evolving world of mainframe technology.

The founding members of Planet Mainframe represent the world’s leading and highly specialized independent software vendors (ISVs) within the highly complex Mainframe and z Systems ecosystems.

As Planet Mainframe continues to flourish, new members are reminded of the few simple ideals upon which the mainframe alliance has been founded:

  • Mediocrity and Status Quo are not acceptable
  • Innovation does NOT equal risk
  • Users don’t have to be limited by any one vendor.
  • You can deliver on all Run, Grow, and Transform initiatives
  • Creativity is encouraged

If you share these values and would like to learn more about the alliance or if you’d like to share your expertise through the blog, please visit the Become a Member page and complete the form.

Featured Planet Mainframe Blog Posts

in-memory technology can save you

6 Ways Mainframe In-memory Technology Can Save You

When people hear talk about in-memory technology, they immediately assume the discussion revolves around Big Data and analytics being run on distributed systems, and that the database part of the discussion focuses on things like SAP HANA, TIBCO, VoltDB, or[...]

Does working on a mainframe make you happy?

We’re all familiar with the ups and downs of daily life working on a mainframe, but does it make you happy? Perhaps the best branch of psychology to use to see whether mainframers are happy at work is positive psychology.[...]

DB2 for z/OS – Taking the Best Data Server on a Transformational Journey

Business transformation and agility are critical in today’s fast moving world. Clients demand insights faster, more often, and with greater accuracy based on up-to-the-second transactional data that is frequently housed in mainframe systems. The dependency on technology and the rate[...]

Recent Planet Mainframe Blog Posts


Four ways Mainframe shops can embrace Mobile

Part 5: Create New Interfaces for Existing Assets This is the final installment of a five-part series about how mainframe shops can embrace the needs of new mobile workloads. Last time, we looked at a solution that would replace the existing online[...]

The New Era of Mainframe and Mobility

How proven technology is the only technology for the global mobile paradigm It’s no secret—the disparaging things we hear behind closed doors and in darkened IT lunch rooms, the rumors that the mainframe is dead or, at the very least, going[...]

FICON CUP and Advanced Diagnostics

  The FICON Control Unit Port (CUP) provides an in-band management interface defined by IBM that defines the channel command words (CCWs) that the FICON host can use for managing the switch. The protocol used is the IBM version of the[...]
big data big opportunity

Big data – big opportunity

You’ve heard people talking about it and finally your organization has decided that there is a business case for going down that route, but what does big data involve? What do you need to know? After all, mainframes have always[...]

Four ways Mainframe shops can Embrace Mobile

Part 4: New Online Processing and Data Storage This is Part 4 of a 5-part series about how mainframe shops can embrace the needs of new mobile workloads. Last time, we looked at a new online processing solution that would replace the[...]