Why Can’t You Buy IBMz Mainframe Services from AWS?

The IBMz mainframe is the most powerful, scalable and secure platform on the planet. It’s also the most TCO-efficient. If you have any doubts about that, just take a look at these blogs: “Turn Out The Lights…The Party’s Over! Mainframes Rout Commodity Servers!and “VMware’s Success = Distributed Computing’s Failure in Masquerading as a Mainframe.

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Mainstreaming the Mainframe

Why Enterprise DevOps Should Take Control of Legacy Applications—Now!

Like everyone else, you’re being bombarded with content. So you probably read only a fraction of what you encounter. We ask that you approach this article differently, because we genuinely believe it offers insight that is unique, fact-based, actionable and essential to the success of any company with a mainframe. We also ask that you read it even if you aren’t currently responsible for your company’s mainframe—because, as we argue, that responsibility now needs to become part of mainstream IT.

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Thanksgiving, Mom and IT Leadership

Next Thursday, we will sit around a table with people whose political opinions we find heartless or naïve, who don’t binge the same shows as we do (or who don’t even have Netflix), and who think Docker is a brand of pants.  And we’ll enjoy ourselves—or at least make a reasonable effort to do so.

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3 ways VMware has succeeded – Distributed Computing’s Failure in Masquerading as a Mainframe

With $6 billion in revenue, VMware is heralded as a great success in the enterprise tech sector. However, VMware’s success is a clear indicator of the failure of distributed computing. Here’s why:

Reason #1: A $6 billion band-aid

The first chapter of the sad story of distributed computing is that companies worldwide have had to shell out a whopping $6 billion a year to fix a problem they should never have had in the first place.

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turn the lights out

Turn Out The Lights…The Party’s Over! Mainframes Rout Commodity Servers!

Big Lie Revealed: Commodity Servers Not Cheaper Than Mainframe

For decades, CIOs have been sold the Big Lie that running workloads on commodity servers is cheaper than running them on the mainframe.

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The Five-Point Mainframe Transformation Leadership Checklist

Despite utterly foolish predictions to the contrary, the mainframe persists as the core computing engine for global commerce. That’s because 1) investments in mainframe code are irreplaceable and not practically re-platformable, 2) the performance economics of the mainframe are unmatched, and 3) IBM’s rollout of the z13 demonstrates that the mainframe platform is actually out-evolving x86 hardware.

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agile cobol

Agile COBOL and the x86-less Datacenter

For years, pundits have predicted that a generational shift in IT would spell doom for the mainframe. But just the opposite is true. The current generational shift in IT is driving a major mainframe renaissance—along with, ironically, abandonment of x86 datacenter infrastructure.

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The Mainframe is a Witch!

The Mainframe Witch-Hunt

The Salem witch trials were an ugly moment in US history. A combination of groupthink, bad religion and confirmation bias led an entire community to act irrationally. And the results were not pretty. Twenty people—most of them women—were executed for being something we know they could not have been.

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