IT Evolution

The Next Stage in IT Evolution

How to Justify IT Financial Models for Greatest Impact and Return

The IT industry has permeated our work and personal lives for the good part of four decades, even so it is actually an incredibly young industry by comparative standards. After all, when you consider the automotive industry for instance, now entering its second century, IT is very much in its infancy.

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software urbanization

Software Urbanism: A challenging but highly rewarding strategy

Information Technology (IT) is rather young in human history. If you compare this sector with industry, IT is just at the beginning of its development. To illustrate this infancy, let’s consider the evolution of IT jobs. With the multiplication of tasks and jobs left to IT, teams grew in number but also in complexity. New fields of expertise emerged to cover these growing needs. Nowadays, a Fortune 500 company has hundreds of software products running on its infrastructure. More and more data are collected, processed, stored, combined, analyzed, distributed… The amount has grown by a factor of 10 in only 6 years.

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5 best practices for a well-managed z/Datacenter

Over the past few years, IT departments have come under increasing pressure to plan and manage their budgets more efficiently. End users are more discerning than ever: they demand the ability to do more with less. Consequently, optimization and rationalization are now key words for every IT manager.

To help IT better address this new reality, we analyzed five key steps to optimize efficiency in a z/Datacenter.

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