Don’t Believe the Myth-information about the Mainframe: Part 2

In this series, Janet Sun explores and dispels numerous myths around the mainframe. Continued from Part 1.

Mainframes are Expensive?

Think that mainframes are expensive?  That depends on what you’re looking at.

If you are looking at acquisition hardware costs, certainly a single mainframe costs more than a single server or even several servers.  But, you would certainly need more individual servers to match the compute capability of a mainframe.  Add to that the idea that software and labor costs for servers grows linearly – the more servers you add, the more software licenses and the more system administrators are needed.  And yet, the mainframe delivers higher utilization, lower overheads, and the lowest total cost-per-user of any platform.  When all cost factors are considered fairly, the mainframe is usually the lowest cost alternative.

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Don’t Believe the Myth-information about the Mainframe: Part 1

When I heard about the HuffPost article highlighting a video debunking the myths that Hollywood has been repeating about the mainframe, I was cautiously optimistic.  Unfortunately, the writer chose to use only one reference book, and focused on the negative points.

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