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Mainframe news out there – October 2017

Once a month we like to pick articles from other blogs that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this week’s picks:

Linux is Linux but Even More on IBM LinuxONE

Very interesting article by Stephen D. Bartlett in a recent edition of the Clipper Group’s online publication: “Linux is Linux but Even More on IBM LinuxONE”.  He gives as a very thorough look at IBM’s new LinuxONE Emperor II mainframe system – a Linux-only version of IBM’s new z14 hardware platform.  LinuxONE Emperor II offers capabilities that no other platform can match— like being able to give good response times at up to 100% utilization, etc. It is the world’s premier Linux system for highly secured data serving and analytics, engineered from top to bottom for security, availability, performance, and scale.

See more here: Clipper Group article.

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Mainframe News Out There

Mainframe News Out There – September

How to Survive on a Frozen Mainframe Budget and Grow It

Interesting article by Steven A. Menges on the enterprisesystemsmedia online publication: How to Survive on a Frozen Mainframe Budget and Grow It.  “Many organizations are freezing mainframe budgets, not considering the spike in transactions and increasingly demanding service level agreements. Additional mainframe transactions aren’t driving more revenue; the same end users are just using different—and more—available resources and service channels. For example, globally there is a higher number of banking transactions, but people aren’t necessarily keeping more money in banks. With brick and mortar locations, ATMs and mobile apps, consumers are just doing more frequent transactions, using more computing power…”

See more here: EnterpriseSystemsMedia article.

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Mainframe News Out There

Mainframe News Out There

APIs in mainframe environments

Interesting article by Joseph Gulla as part of his series on new technology in the IBM Systems Magazine online publication – APIs: The Chicken or the Egg. He talks about how APIs are the intersection between the need for modernization and the need for generating new business in mainframe environments.  Old APIs, access methods like QSAM and VSAM, are vital and still in use, but the new APIs have found their use in the data-sharing setting to save costs and improve efficiency.

See more here: IBM Sysmag article

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Mainframe News Out There

News in the Mainframe Space

Update on the z14

Clipper Group article on the z14 – Craig Mullins provided some insight for us last week in his z14 article, and now the folks at the Clipper Group add some more information- expanding somewhat on machine learning and some comparisons to z13 and z12. Check out their interesting article: IBM z14 — The New Standard for Modern Digital Enterprises.

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Settling for less

I was reading the news on CNN recently about a power outage in California, which reminded me of some serious black outs in Costa Rica a while back. A friend was there on business, and it ruined an important business meeting that he had spent months setting up. It also reminded me of the northeast blackout that happened here in 2003, which caused some problems for us at home.

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Mainframe News Out There

Blockchain — More Secure with Mainframe Systems

Interesting article by Stephen D. Bartlett at the Clipper Group about running Blockchain on the mainframe: IBM’s Blockchain Initiatives — More Secure with Mainframe Systems.

How IBM Mainframes Support the Blockchain Process Model
The assurance of a secure environment and very fast and efficient cryptographic processing are essential elements of the Blockchain model. It can be strongly argued that IBM mainframe security technologies, particularly those embodied in the latest generation of z Systems, the z13 , z13s and LinuxONE family, are the “gold standard” for the IT industry with respect to these important requirements.

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Mainframe News Out There

Linux on z Systems eBook

A special edition of IBM Systems Magazine focuses on Linux on z Systems. Some interesting articles:

  • a foundation for blockchain
  • consolidating Linux workloads at a lower cost
  • enablement of the API economy
  • advantages over scale-out servers
  • much more

Here’s the link:

Healthcare IT Organizations

Healthcare IT Organizations face Critical Challenges

Healthcare IT organizations face enormous challenges: Providers such as hospitals, HMOs, and PPOs must deal with spiraling costs, increasingly strict regulatory requirements, rising patient expectations, constrained reimbursements, and more. Payers such as healthcare insurers must deal with equally spiraling costs, constrained premiums, even more regulatory requirements, customer defection, and more.

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Tanka Mainframe Poem

Chronic Mainframe Migration Strategy

Some fun started with an interesting article from Chris O’Malley on LinkedIn a few months back about chronic mainframe migration strategy.

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ReBoot Hill Revisited

Once upon a time, a website existed that recorded some of the most spectacularly failed mainframe migration projects. Of interest to all mainframe type people, I’m sure that it saw a lot of traffic; a Google search on ReBoot Hill yields the website, but it no longer appears operational; the page seems corrupted. Quite a shame, since the stories were really amazing.

Well, as a consultant for a mainframe software company, I saw fit to save some of these stories a few years ago, so I now present them to you for your information and enjoyment. Based on some of the figures cited in several of these stories, it’s obvious that some of them are quite old, but the recurring themes are both informative and shocking. Enjoy!

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