Three things I would start doing today to help me save IT budget for tomorrow

I am lucky enough in my job to get opportunities to meet with some pretty senior people in the IT industry from the Fortune 500. Saving money is a funny thing to talk about at times. It seems like it is an obvious thing. Surely the best companies in the world must commit to a plan that involves reducing budget or saving money. I think that is a given, the problem is that life gets in the way.

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Part 2: The four hallmarks of an effective CIO: Architecture

Last week here on Planet Mainframe I introduced the idea that a CIO must excel in 4 areas: Alignment, Architecture, Agility and Ability, and we looked closely at Alignment. This week we have a closer look at what Architecture in IT is all about.

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Complexities for the Mainframe CIO in Today’s IT Landscape

The Modern Challenge to Run, Grow and Transform Business

As the role relates to business, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a fairly modern position—adding to the growing stable of C-level executive job titles—that has been created through necessity as IT operations continue to permeate every aspect of business.

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Part I: The four hallmarks of an effective CIO

Self-driving cars; thermostats that learn your habits; expert systems that help diagnose and treat cancer; smartphones replacing credit cards…and on and on! Technology is becoming more and more important to organizations, no matter what they make or do. Which means an ever-increasing push to invest more in IT.  As a CEO or Board member, you’re responsible for ensuring that your organization’s IT investment is appropriate: spending enough—but not too much—and spending on the right things. Every organization is different, so there’s no magic formula a consultant can hand you that will tell you if you’re on the right path.

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The Evolving Mainframe Landscape

Most of us acknowledge the fact that the mainframe will be around for a very long time.  There are too many companies whose core business relies on the power and resiliency that the mainframe provides for their mission critical applications.  It just makes sense to leverage such an excellent computing platform.  However, the mainframe landscape has been evolving and will continue to evolve into fewer installations with a larger footprint to serve the mainframe customer base.

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DB2 Performance Advisor

The DB2 Performance Advisor – What is Performance

Assuring optimal application and system performance is one of the most important goals of IT professionals. And for DB2 developers and DBAs, tuning and monitoring are often daily tasks. But there are many factors involved in DB2 optimization and performance monitoring and tuning … too many to do justice to in a single article. And that is why we are introducing this regular column: The DB2 Performance Advisor.  This column will appear regularly on the Planet Mainframe blog, and will cover all facets of performance management regarding DB2 for z/OS.

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ReBoot Hill Revisited

Once upon a time, a website existed that recorded some of the most spectacularly failed mainframe migration projects. Of interest to all mainframe type people, I’m sure that it saw a lot of traffic; a Google search on ReBoot Hill yields the website, but it no longer appears operational; the page seems corrupted. Quite a shame, since the stories were really amazing.

Well, as a consultant for a mainframe software company, I saw fit to save some of these stories a few years ago, so I now present them to you for your information and enjoyment. Based on some of the figures cited in several of these stories, it’s obvious that some of them are quite old, but the recurring themes are both informative and shocking. Enjoy!

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Big Data and Gardening

You can be a botanist, a horticulturist or a gardener—it depends on how knowledgeable you want to be about what you are growing. But what’s that got to do with Big Data?

Well, I was recently having a conversation with Matt Ritter from Athena Health about Big Data, analytics, the role of the mainframe, and much more, and he posed what I thought was a really interesting question: What is the line between Business Intelligence and Data Science? His passion on this subject impressed me, and it reminded me of the passion of another person—my mother.

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Automated SQL Quality Assurance

To leverage available skill sets and to save on costs, many large IT organizations have been moving their DB2 development efforts to off-platform programmers. These programmers are not mainframe developers, and may not even have mainframe logon accounts. They write the applications in JAVA or C, and create SQL that will be run against existing production mainframe DB2 systems.

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Starting Small with Big Data

I recently read an excellent IBM paper on best practices for achieving line-of-business (LOB) performance increases through enterprise data analytics. This is an impressive and convincing piece on how top-down planning at the enterprise level can enable positive business outcomes across all business units by leveraging analytics applied to all enterprise data. It is highly recommended for large organizations that are ready to be serious about Big Data and analytics across the board.

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