big data analytics

Big Data at true scale!

Big Data is not an overly sized star trek character or endless storage, but is rather the new currency for IT organizations, that can be analyzed, queried and manipulated to provide a meaningful outcome to almost any analytical question.

And that currency has been paying off big dividends for those organizations with the need and the willingness to dive in. Here are some examples of how the Big Data and Analytics currency is being used today in business environments.

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Capacity Planners and Big Data

I was at a regional CMG meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, giving a presentation on Big Data to a group of about forty Capacity Planners (big turnout for North Carolina a week after Hurricane Matthew hit). The group was interested in understanding the impact the nascent Big Data wave would have on their capacity plans. The answer is—a LOT.

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big data big opportunity

Big data – big opportunity

You’ve heard people talking about it and finally your organization has decided that there is a business case for going down that route, but what does big data involve? What do you need to know? After all, mainframes have always been able to store large amounts of data, and, importantly, retrieve that information quickly. Isn’t that what IMS databases were designed to do? Firstly, when you start Googling like mad to find out some information, you need to search for big analytics and perhaps even big workflows as well as just big data. But before you do that, let’s run over some basics.

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Big Data and Gardening

You can be a botanist, a horticulturist or a gardener—it depends on how knowledgeable you want to be about what you are growing. But what’s that got to do with Big Data?

Well, I was recently having a conversation with Matt Ritter from Athena Health about Big Data, analytics, the role of the mainframe, and much more, and he posed what I thought was a really interesting question: What is the line between Business Intelligence and Data Science? His passion on this subject impressed me, and it reminded me of the passion of another person—my mother.

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Starting Small with Big Data

I recently read an excellent IBM paper on best practices for achieving line-of-business (LOB) performance increases through enterprise data analytics. This is an impressive and convincing piece on how top-down planning at the enterprise level can enable positive business outcomes across all business units by leveraging analytics applied to all enterprise data. It is highly recommended for large organizations that are ready to be serious about Big Data and analytics across the board.

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Big Data and the Mainframe

Big Data and the Mainframe: A Perfect Partnership


“Big data” and the impact of analytics on large quantities of data is a persistent trend these days in just about every organization. The general idea is that large amounts of data, from multiple sources, and of multiple types, can be analyzed to produce heretofore unknown insights about your business.

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It's All About Me

It’s All About Me – The Evolution of Big Data and How It Has Forever Changed the Face of Marketing

Marketing, much like any other profession, is not without its buzz words—those that permeate our social fabric and come to represent an ideal that is far larger than the sum of its parts. Today, Big Data is by far one of the most famous of these pop-culture terms—but for many, vastly misunderstood, misguided and, most likely, misused.

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Big Data: 5 Key Tips for Success

Being involved with numerous Big Data efforts over the past few years, I’ve seen both successful and not-so-successful deployments. Big Data is definitely exciting and it seems as though everyone wants to get involved these days. The thing is many people tend to focus on the technology rather than the reason for using Big Data in the first place (analytics, btw).

If you are just getting started with Big Data, here are some tips that can help make your effort a successful one.

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