Cloud Expo Europe 2017

After the Expo – Are we seeing a major shift in tech?

So another year passes and with a myriad of interviews under our belts later, we broadcast live at the Cloud Expo Europe 2017. We had a great line up of guests including ITV, Google, LinkedIn, IBM, Fujitsu, as well as many others. However, this article is not about name-dropping who was on the show but more so for the general trend and theme. To note as a main topic of discussion was the IT concept “Blockchain”.

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The early days of IDUG

Remembrance of IBM DB2 Events of the 1980’s which Led to the Creation of IDUG

This article is a summary of the series of IBM DB2 marketing events during the 1980’s that created the business opportunity, which lead to the creation of the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG). The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author based on his IBM involvement with DB2 and IDUG.

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Capacity Planners and Big Data

I was at a regional CMG meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, giving a presentation on Big Data to a group of about forty Capacity Planners (big turnout for North Carolina a week after Hurricane Matthew hit). The group was interested in understanding the impact the nascent Big Data wave would have on their capacity plans. The answer is—a LOT.

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IDUG in Austin TX shows us that DB2 z/OS is alive and well

I visited IDUG (International DB2 Users Group) in Austin, Texas, the week of May 23. We had a booth and had good traffic. Our presentations and party were well attended. It was “old home week” for me as many friends and previous colleagues dropped by to say hi.

Many of the visitors to our booth were DB2 LUW professionals and quickly lost interest in our z/OS offerings. However, there were plenty of DB2 z/OS folks who dropped by to talk and who understood our offerings.

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IDUG EMEA 2015 Takeaway

IDUG EMEA took place mid November (15th to 20th) in Dublin, Ireland this year. As a resident IDUG attendee, I’ve noticed that this year there was an even higher concentration of big data talk. But the difference now includes the battle of where the big data analytics should take placewithin z, in the cloud where the rest of the data sits, within the storage component of a third-party analytics solution. The debate goes on and on…

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