Raising the ante on Virtualization in the Data Center

In 2016, the least expensive city in the U.S. for annual data center operating costs is Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at $9,684,282 in annual operating costs[1]. In Canada, where the lowest risk associated with data centers is second only to the U.S., the costs of energy and other data center elements can be even less[2]. Nevertheless, millions of dollars annually to operate a data center is still a lot of money.

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Keep up to date on Mainframes

Keeping mainframe up-to-date

How can you make sure that your mainframe staff stay up-to-date with the latest ideas in the mainframe world? The answer is to make sure they have access to magazines, newsletters, user groups, and social media.

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It's All About Me

It’s All About Me – The Evolution of Big Data and How It Has Forever Changed the Face of Marketing

Marketing, much like any other profession, is not without its buzz words—those that permeate our social fabric and come to represent an ideal that is far larger than the sum of its parts. Today, Big Data is by far one of the most famous of these pop-culture terms—but for many, vastly misunderstood, misguided and, most likely, misused.

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