digital transformation

A Digital Transformation – It’s not just about platforms!

The term “Digital Transformation” has been and continues to be mentioned practically everywhere within the industry at the moment. Depending on whom you talk to and why, you will get many different educated answers back on the definition of the term.

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Why the Mainframe is more relevant than ever in the “Hybrid” World

If you’ve earned your living in the IT field for any length of time, you know that words and phrases come and go with regularity.  “Hybrid” is one of the words de jour. And, it’s a good word. My only quibble is that those of us who have built integration technology over the last few decades have been using this term for quite some time.

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The Nexus of Forces Impacts the Mainframe, Too

In 2012, analysts at Gartner described the changing dynamics of digital business as being driven by what they call The Nexus of Forces. This important concept is crucial to understand and adapt to because it is impacting all of our businesses and the computing resources we use to conduct our business. And that, of course, means that the mainframe is being impacted.

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