IBM z14 ZR1

IBM z14 Model ZR1: A Smaller Mainframe for a Larger World

On April 10, 2018, IBM announced their latest mainframe offering, the IBM z14 Model ZR1. This announcement came hot on the heels of the original z14, which was delivered less than a year earlier in July 2017. So why the new model? And what does it mean to mainframe users out there?

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Easy access to IBM Z information with IBM Doc Buddy

IBM Doc Buddy enables you to search error messages of IBM Z software products in both the online or offline environment on your mobile device – it can be a perfect replacement for LookAt, a z/OS message tool for which support is no longer available. Doc Buddy is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play.

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3 Important I/O Features Coming with the IBM z14

17 July 2017 marked the IBM announcement of the latest IBM mainframe: the IBM z14.  Congratulations to the IBM Z team on a successful launch of what looks to be yet another in a long and distinguished history of superb enterprise computing platforms.  Similar to the z13 launch in 2015, the z14 features several new, impressive I/O features and functionality that will provide tremendous business and technical value to IBM Z clients.  In the remainder of this blog post, I’ll discuss the highlights of what I view to be the three most important:  RoCE Express2, FICON Express 16S+, and zHyperlink Express.

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The New IBM z14: More Secure, Flexible, Powerful and Analytical Than Ever Before

Mainframe IT professionals always get excited when IBM announces a new version of its stalwart mainframe z Systems platform. And on July 17, 2017 IBM announced its latest and greatest mainframe hardware, dubbed the IBM z14. Coming more than two years after the IBM z13, the previous major upgrade z System upgrade, IBM is bolstering the platform with a slew of useful new and improved capabilities.

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hybrid computing

Think before you click Hybrid Cloud Computing

Many of you may be thinking why on earth am I even suggesting this? Hybrid cloud computing offers flexibility, fault tolerance, subscription-based cost models, and much more. While that’s all true, it simply does not fit everyone’s business model. Let me explain.

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it's about time

It’s about time!

DB2 z/OS V12 is in the Early Support Program mode. This means the larger Independent Software Vendors (BMC, CA, Compuware, etc.) have a version of DB2 z/OS V12 in house so they can modify their products to support and/or exploit the new features of DB2 z/OS V12. This process can take months, or even up to a year.

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zUniversity Munich Insights

The European version of the IBM zUniversity took place in Munich on June 13-17 this year and it was a first time for me and the rest of Insoft-Infotel team to attend such event. In all there were two Planet Mainframe members to attend this event, both having our exhibitor booth right next to each other. Let’s have a look at what went on during those five days.

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A Look Back at 2015

2015 was a great year for the mainframe business—and that was great news for large IT organizations running mainframe systems, as well as the companies that support these business sectors. The old myth that the mainframe is dead was countered by IBM with the launch of z13— the most powerful (designed to handle billions of transactions for the mobile economy), the most secure (with real-time encryption), the most cloud-ready, and the most big data analytics ready (embedded analytics capability) business system ever. This new system brings the mainframe back to center stage for those organizations that have been thinking about leaving mainframe because ‘mainframe applications are hard to modernize for new environments, especially mobile’ as Scott Fayden so eloquently mentioned in his article, Three Reasons the Mainframe is in Trouble: Not so Fast! This is important, as mobile will be a critical growth area, as Matt Ritter from PreInvented Wheel discusses in his piece on innovation trends.

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