3rd platform and the mainframe

The Third Platform and the Mainframe

The Third Platform is defined as the interdependencies between mobile computing, social media, cloud computing, and information/analytics (big data), and possibly the Internet of Things (IoT). Here is a nice rendering of the Third Platform model from Forbes.com. It shows our new concerns: Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC-IT) at the top level on the “Third Platform,” our LAN/Internet and our Client/Server apps on the “Second Platform,” and the clunky old Mainframe on the “First Platform.” When talking about the First Platform, people say that we know how these systems worked and how they were used, as if it’s all in the distant past. And that’s a mistake.

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Punk’s not dead and neither is the mainframe

Admittedly, I’m as much a music fan as I’m a technophile—perhaps it’s this combination that makes it easy for me to draw comparisons from the punk music genre to that of the mainframe. After all, punk hasn’t changed—it has simply evolved. From the early days of 1970s New York City, to the United Kingdom bands of the 1980s, to the bands that spawned the sound track to the X Games—and now the bands that play the Dew Tour—the music genre has influenced our social fabric, taking on a new audience and a new meaning for every generation.

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The New Era of Mainframe and Mobility

How proven technology is the only technology for the global mobile paradigm

It’s no secret—the disparaging things we hear behind closed doors and in darkened IT lunch rooms, the rumors that the mainframe is dead or, at the very least, going the way of the Dodo. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as it turns out, the mainframe may be the only resource we have to maintain the upward drive of mobile use and the associated data that accompanies it.

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