Digital Denial: Why You Can’t Trust the Application Economy

The NYSE and a major airline shut down and, in the case of the airline, shuts down twice is just over a month. Major retailers and a Federal employee databases get hacked. This seems like IT service levels from 1965 not 2015.

Does anyone still believe the application economy can actually work the way it should?

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mainframe strikes back

The mainframe strikes back

With the mainframe’s star in the ascendancy yet again, we need to seize the opportunities presented while recognizing the risks, writes Mark Wilson, RSM Partners

I was just sixteen when I started working with mainframes. That was in May 1980, a month that also saw the release of The Empire Strikes Back. In the intervening years, neither big iron nor the Star Wars universe have been very far away. In fact, both the mainframe and Star Wars seem more relevant today than ever. While I can’t help thinking we’ve gone through an Attack of the Clones, as nothing has emerged over the years to properly replace the mainframe – yes, it really is that good – we now risk finding ourselves sitting through The Last Jedi. By that, I mean as an industry we need to tackle the dwindling band of mainframe experts at our disposal. They’re not quite living on a secluded Jedi island, surrounded by Porgs until absorbed into the Force  – but we are running out of people fast. Just like the Star Wars movies, however, I’m one hundred percent sure the story of the mainframe will go on and on and on… and what’s interesting is how we’re going to get there. But first, a quick recap on where we are now.

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Confessions of a 25 year old Mainframer (pt. 1)

Hello, My name is Colton Quillicy. I’m 25, and I’m a mainframer.

Yes… I know. A rare breed. I don’t know how I got here… a love of technology I guess? I personally blame my upbringing.

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Settling for less

I was reading the news on CNN recently about a power outage in California, which reminded me of some serious black outs in Costa Rica a while back. A friend was there on business, and it ruined an important business meeting that he had spent months setting up. It also reminded me of the northeast blackout that happened here in 2003, which caused some problems for us at home.

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Black Friday – Black Balance Sheet

As Black Friday begins to emerge on the horizon it makes me think about how we are about to read about some pretty wild stats. Nearly 40 percent of the shopping that is done for Christmas gifts is done around Black Friday by some 100M shoppers. The NRF always produces these statistics because they are vital indicators of the economy and also vital to the growth of the retail sector.

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