Solo: A Mainframe Story (Special Edition)

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible for any mainframe operations to work solo: going it alone in terms of the expertise, skills and resources required to succeed, writes Mark Wilson, RSM Partners.

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Getting the basics right

Mainframes are expensive – no-one disagrees with that. But what they can do is run industrial strength workloads for less than it would cost on other platforms with much less likelihood of any kind of system malfunction. Having said that, it makes sense to understand mainframe performance and ways that those costs could be reduced.

Let’s start by looking at performance and performance management. Here are some of the metrics used by performance-monitoring tools (also see Does Your Mainframe Need an Oil Change):

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Keep up to date on Mainframes

Keeping mainframe up-to-date

How can you make sure that your mainframe staff stay up-to-date with the latest ideas in the mainframe world? The answer is to make sure they have access to magazines, newsletters, user groups, and social media.

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