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IBM Mainframe

The IBM Mainframe: The most powerful and cost-effective computing platform for business

Many of we mainframe pundits have written about the robustness, power, perseverance, capacity and more importantly, the cost-effectiveness of the mainframe (Allingham, Sun, Peleg), including myself. But what about showing the superiority of the mainframe using real numbers, comparing it[...]
DevOps Approach

A DevOps Approach to Building Batch Workflow Automation

Treating Artifacts as Code in DevOps “...there are still manual processes that take time and are error prone.” The DevOps process relies heavily on automation of the software development lifecycle stages to achieve maximum agility while drastically shortening the time to market[...]
IMS Usage

More On IMS Usage

Understanding how an Input Message sent by an IMS Connect Client to IMS Connect works when OTMA NAKs the Input Message  IMS Connect (ICON) is the TCP/IP gateway for IMS. So, besides running the traditional IMS transactions on z/OS, an IMS[...]

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Data Transfer

Seamless VSAM data transfer between Host & PC

VSAM files are widely used in CICS applications and it contains critical information with a huge data set. It is always a better idea to keep a backup of these files in your PC for future use. However, we cannot directly[...]
Database Security Strategy

Four Essential Features for a Database Security Strategy to Take on a Growing Threat Landscape

For a considerable time, many organizations have used three to five on-premise databases to manage their workloads, and many teams have tried to funnel every application into using those databases. Today, as the pressure to innovate while keeping costs low[...]

CICS Security - ADCD and Dallas Z ISV RDP

In RACF security terminology, CICS is a resource manager. Resource manager security can be enabled or disabled. Dallas Z ISV RDP provided CICS security is disabled. Why? CICS manages many resources where enabling security requires decisions about which specific CICS resources to[...]
ignore reality

zEDC and IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS

Long before zEDC, IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS (CDzOS), a managed file transfer product specializing in sending z/OS datasets from one mainframe customer to another, supported compressing a file before transmitting it. It originally only supported simple “prime character” compression,[...]
Automatic Binary Optimizer

The sleek new IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS Trial Cloud Service is live

IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS (ABO) is a unique offering that applies cutting-edge optimization technology to improve the performance of already-compiled COBOL applications built with VS COBOL 1.3 to Enterprise COBOL 4.2. You can now try ABO out with[...]

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