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Fast Index Traversal

Db2 12 In-Memory Feature: Fast Index Traversal

Db2 12 is classified as an in-memory data base by Gartner.  It is not just a simple in-memory data base but a very smart one. In this paper, we explain one of the most innovative in memory optimizations in[...]
Dev Ops

DevOps in the multi-platform Data Center

Positioned by some as the panacea of new-age IT management, promising shorter development times, improved business processes, reduced time to market, more engaged teams, greater business agility, and more, DevOps is all the rage. If you're not doing it, you're[...]

What You Don't Know About Your Mainframe Backups Could Cost You

Based on estimates and benchmarks from Technavio and Gartner, the mainframe market—hardware and software—is worth about $44 billion a year. An estimated 90% of all credit and debit cards were still processed on the mainframe in 2017, and IBM continues[...]

Recent Blog Posts

Fast I/O zHyperlink

Lightning Fast I/O via zHyperLink and Db2 for z/OS Exploitation

As the size of database and the volume of transactions increase, many of Db2 transactions tend to spend significant amount of wait time in database read and log write I/Os. zHyperLink is introduced to help reduce b2 transaction latency. zHyperLink[...]
mainframe chatbots

It’s always good to chat, especially with your mainframe

For years now, major enterprises – including banks, airlines and insurance companies the world over – have remained faithful to the mainframe to run their core business systems. No surprise, as we all know it remains one of the most dependable, secure and hard-working[...]
Mainframe Logs

What is the value of mainframe logs?

Mainframe logs offer essential insight into how to manage and adapt your z/OS environment. So why aren’t mainframe managers leveraging logs in their day-to-day IT management?  Performance data is usually split among several applications and consists of highly technical information that can be difficult and time-consuming[...]
50 Years of Mainframe

50 Years ago in Mainframe Computing

How many computer platforms could justify a headline like that!? Well, it has been almost 50 years since NASA landed a man on the moon, and brought him safely back to Earth, as directed by President John F. Kennedy in his now famous speech[...]
Mainframe Pricing - Endgame

Mainframe Pricing: Endgame

IBM Simplifying Mainframe Software Pricing When you hear the words mainframe software pricing, what do you think of? A common reaction is to ignore it unless you are actively negotiating a new contract with IBM. And even then, the general consensus is that it[...]

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