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security monitoring

Do I need real-time, continuous, mainframe security monitoring and auditing?

To be honest, mainframes are pretty secure, aren’t they? We’ve had RACF and other External Security Managers (ESMs) for years. On top of that, the new z14 gives us pervasive encryption. And there are any number of logs recording what’s[...]

A Lack Of Expertise Does Not Force You To Abandon The Mainframe

“Quick! Abandon the mainframe. …Oh, and by the way, buy a bunch of our platforms and services for millions of dollars!” —Distributed systems manufacturers Craig Mullins did quite an insightful piece a while back about the state of things in the mainframe world[...]

Mainframes and the Cloud: Made for Each Other

April 2018 marked the 54th anniversary of IBM’s mainframes. It is uncertain if anyone could have ever predicted such a long and successful life for them. A quick historical sketch: IBM launched the first modern mainframe, IBM 360, on April[...]

Recent Blog Posts

Mainframe Dev Ops

The Mainframe's Place In DevOps

Read an interesting article a while back on how to pull off a DevOps implementation successfully: 10 ways to win at devops that identified some important ideas requiring attention in any new DevOps implementation. Some are pretty obvious: get buy-in from the[...]

Why mainframe shops are procrastinating over multi-factor authentication

In my last article I outlined why, for a number of reasons, mainframe shops are growing increasingly aware of the importance of bolstering security on their ‘Big Iron’ box. Despite that, in this piece I want to discuss why some[...]

What You Don't Know About Your Mainframe Backups Could Cost You

Based on estimates and benchmarks from Technavio and Gartner, the mainframe market—hardware and software—is worth about $44 billion a year. An estimated 90% of all credit and debit cards were still processed on the mainframe in 2017, and IBM continues[...]
Container Pricing

What is container pricing?

Container Pricing, which was introduced in late-2017, is a new pricing solution that makes scaling workloads more economical. Container Pricing is a framework for hosting simplified and flexible software pricing for qualified workloads running on z13 or z14 processors. The main[...]
Moore's Law

Moore’s the Pity: How the Mainframe can help us Adapt to a Post-Moore’s-Law Reality

Law Brakers According to Wikipedia (Moore's law), Intel co-founder Gordon Moore introduced his eponymous law in a 1965 paper that described a doubling every year in the number of components per integrated circuit. By 1975, he had already adjusted that downwards[...]

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