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Database Performance

The 5 Key Factors for Database Performance

IT organizations are always chasing better performance. This involves monitoring, tuning, and improving all aspects of the IT infrastructure, encompassing servers, networks, applications, desktops, and databases. But let’s focus on the database, shall we? Five factors influence database performance: workload, throughput,[...]
Linux Containers

Mainframes, containers, and Linux

We all know why mainframes are good – all that reliability, availability, and security stuff that we’ve been hearing about for many years. The question then becomes: how can we make mainframes better? IBM’s new Z15 mainframe announcement shows how security can be enhanced[...]
Dev Ops

DevOps in the multi-platform Data Center

Positioned by some as the panacea of new-age IT management, promising shorter development times, improved business processes, reduced time to market, more engaged teams, greater business agility, and more, DevOps is all the rage. If you're not doing it, you're[...]

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Cloud Computing Technology

IBM Mainframes: the enterprise computing platform that led to the evolution of the modern "Cloud Computing Technology"

As strange as it may sound to many, but people need to get their fact straight - that IBM Mainframes were the first ever Cloud Computing platform built on planet earth. Cloud Computing is probably the most heard about 'Fancy[...]

Find Defending the Mainframe Difficult? Go on the Offensive Instead!

A Guide to Debunking Mainframe Myths, Criticisms, and More Why is defending the mainframe so difficult? One reason is that many people do not fully understand what is meant by the term “mainframe.” Ubiquitous computing leads many to believe that the[...]

3 Steps to Getting the ‘Right’ Mainframe Data for Machine Learning

The massive benefits that machine learning can provide are well documented by this point, yet many organizations are still failing to take advantage of the predictive technology while others are failing to derive the value that vendors have promised.1 This[...]
Mission Critical

Moving mission-critical mainframe workloads to the cloud

I know that there are some sites where the cost and the virus have pretty much stopped any kind of development. Also, too many execs view the mainframe as amazingly expensive and they are reluctant to agree to give any[...]
Benefits of In-Memory

The Benefits of In-Memory Processing

One area that most organizations can benefit from is by better using system memory more effectively. This is so because accessing and manipulating data in memory is more efficient than doing so from disk. Think about it… There are three aspects[...]

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